Annoy everyone and wreak havoc on the streets with Slap & Run! This hypercasual 3D game is great for you if you feel mischievous! Put on your professional slapping gloves, and give everyone a taste! Alert the pink people and try to reach the finish line before they can get to you!

Time to bring judgment upon everyone you hate with the mightiest slaps humanity has ever witnessed! Use both hands to stun your enemies, and take everyone down with one blow! This hilarious challenge gives you everything a true warrior needs: two strong palms with invincible slapping gloves. The rest is up to you! You can control your character while he does the slapping. Hold your character and slide left and right to move closer to your victims. Slap them all; do not leave any smiling face behind! You can feel your palms heat up as you move closer to the finish line. Complete your protests with one last kick and send the last enemy flying with a powerful blow! Multiply your coins to unlock new skins in the future. You can also upgrade your character's speed, income, and kicks at the main menu. Keep up with the increasing challenge and incoming bosses to become a true villain of your city!

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VOODOO developed Slap & Run.

Release Date

February 14, 2023


  • Funny game theme
  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Purchasable upgrades at the menu
  • New character skins on the way
  • Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play.