In Princess Soup Kitchen, soup is on the menu tonight. Our princess wants to cook some soup but she has never tried this before. Do you think you can help her make a delicious soup? Let's start then!

Our beautiful princess is feeling a bit under the weather today. So she has decided to make a soup. There's nothing a hot bowl of soup can't fix, right? But since she has never tried this before she might need some help. In this game, your objective is to try to make different soups and collect all the badges. Yeah, you heard us right. Let your imagination run wild and try to make as many different soups as you can to get all the badges. Start with choosing the ingredients. You can find a lot of different things in this kitchen. You can find fresh vegetables, meat, pasta and etc. But if you want to try something completely different, we also have dragon scales, frog, unicorn horns, and bat wings. Just choose the ones you want and click on the chop button at the bottom of the screen, flavor your soup and stir the soup. Mmm, it tastes like heaven. Let's try the one with the bat wings. Oh, it tastes so good she feels like she's flying! Meh, the other is a bit boring though. You could have used more ingredients. But still, good job! She is definitely feeling a lot better now thanks to you.

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Release Date

November, 2018.


  • 12 badges to unlock
  • Different ingredients to use
  • Fun gameplay
  • Easy controls


Use your mouse to play this game.