In Princess Dentist, it is time to prove to everyone that you are the greatest dentist of our age! These 4 princesses are suffering from a toothache and everyone who had the same pain understands how horrible it is. So, we really need your help right now. Can you help these 4 and make sure their smile is as perfect as it used to be?

Our princesses love to party and in fact, they are actually invited to a party tonight. But there is a teeny-weeny problem that we need to take care of. They are suffering from a horrible toothache that does not seem to go away and their teeth really look bad. So, they need to go to a dentist immediately. In this game, your objective is to help each of these gorgeous princesses get rid of this toothache and make sure their smile is something to behold. If you are ready, let's go! Choose one of the princesses first and then we can continue with the others. First, we should get rid of her rotten teeth. To do this, you can use the equipment you can see at the bottom of the screen. Now we can continue the procedure. Use the other tools you see to clean her teeth and make it shine again. When you are done, clean her tongue and get rid of the harmful bacteria. Whoa, her teeth are brighter than my future. Well done, you! We knew we could rely on you!

Princesses are not the only ones who have a toothache. Play Become an Animal Dentist now by clicking here and help these poor animals. Enjoy!


DressUpWho developed Princess Dentist.

Release Date

February 08, 2017.


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Easy controls
  • 4 beautiful princesses to help


You can use your mouse to play this game.