Do you like anime characters but don't know how to draw them despite having lots of cool character designs in your mind? Don't worry, because you can bring any type of anime character to life with the latest game in our collection, Pocket Anime Maker! With dozens of different customization options, you don't need drawing skills to create the perfect cute characters! What kind of character will you create in this addictive game?

With huge eyes and small mouths, anime characters are the cutest! Pocket Anime Maker comes with many different options for you to create the anime character of your dreams, or even yourself! Let your creativity run wild with the different options this game offers to players with stylists in their hearts. You can start by deciding on a skin color. From ordinary skin colors to more cartoonish colors such as blue, green and even gray, you can find anything in the anime creator. Do you think your character looks too slim? You can feed them to make them bigger or make them exercise to achieve that nice body. When you’re done with the general frame of your character, it’s time for the little details. You can give them different hair colors and hairstyles! Mix and match the different styles to find the best-looking combination! You can change the shape and color of their eyes, give them new clothes and accessories and even freckles! The possibilities are endless with the vast items of Pocket Anime Maker! Can you create celebrity lookalikes?

Dresses are so fun to play with and giving makeovers to characters is even better! You can check out our collection of amazing games for girls here at Kizi!


  • Colorful graphics
  • Cute characters
  • Lots of customization options
  • Entertaining gameplay


Use your mouse to play Pocket Anime Maker.