Pixel War will make you forget about all other war games with its super thrilling adventures! In a pixel world, fighting against aliens should be no surprise! The universe needs the ultimate powers of your spaceship. To help the universe get rid of these evil aliens, all you need to do is shooting them with your pixel spaceship by pressing the mouse to shoot and sliding the mouse to direct it. Let's start the game!

In this fun and exciting war game, your mission is to destroy the aliens and beat their king. When you destroy each alien, they turn into fireballs that you should collect. In the game, red and yellow fireballs are your earnings and, you can use them to upgrade your weapon. At the bottom of the aliens, you can see their lifelines. Of course, you will get many different boosters to help you out. If you can catch them, though! Try to catch the magnets, which allows you to collect every item without any effort. Also, there are other boosters, such as double weapons and force upgrading ones. You can see your score at the end of the game, and you can play as long as you want, even if you fail. Good luck and have fun!

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GAMEBUILT developed this game.


  • 3D colorful pixel graphics
  • Inspiring background music
  • Weapon upgrading
  • Endless adventures to discover


You can click or tap to shoot and slide to direct the spaceship.