In Battle Pirates, get ready to purge the world from the dark water and rebuild the order! The ultimate goal of this multiplayer online real-time game is to empower your battleships and beat the other pirates. The order is broken, and the peace of the seas is in your hands. Get your friends and start the war!

Great duties bring great responsibilities. To complete your mission, you need to follow the necessary tasks unexceptionally. First, build a strong strategy to beat your competitors with your most potent fleet of pirate ships. Start with getting prepared for the big ship battles by building defense fields and empowering your weapons. When the safety of your ships is settled, take to the big dark seas and attack the competitors to loot their cargos. As you win the battles, new features will be available, and you can aggravate the assaults as well. As you proceed in the game, you can make alliances and discuss your conditions online. You can design and upgrade various battleships from speedy gunboats to colossal war machines to have the most precious possessions and maintain the safety of your fortress. Now if you are ready, set the sails and start the war. Never forget that in pirates' world, expect no mercy!

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KIXEYE developed Battle Pirates.

Release Date

February, 2013


  • Multiple levels to complete
  • Online alliances and competitions
  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Navy simulation with pirate theme


You can play it with your mouse and keyboard.