In Castel Wars, it's time for your enemies to meet their doom, whether it be your friend or zombies. Do what has to be done and protect yourself against the enemy that is here to take all you hold dear. Are you ready for the slaughter?

So it begins! The greatest battle of your time. Only one will survive through this day and live to tell the tale. Are you ready to fight until your last breath to make sure that person is you? There are two game modes you can try. In the first one, you can fight against your friend or choose the second one and unite to fight against your common enemy. In the first mode, set the game time, choose a map and the weather condition. The player with the most kills wins the game. To throw your weapon at your enemy, press the E or P key and release to throw. In the second game mode, you need to stand united and your enemies will break against you! But remember, you may be allies but never equals. The player who manages to kill 30 zombies wins and you need to make sure that's you. You can use the catapult to rain down death upon your enemies. You can also take the power-ups the man in the air balloon drops to win. Good luck!

To battle against your friend one more time, you can check out Janissary Tower. Enjoy!


RHM Interactive developed Castel Wars.

Release Date

January 12, 2021


  • Two different game modes
  • 4 different maps to choose from
  • Intuitive controls
  • Fun gameplay


As player one, use WAD keys to move around. S to create a block. E to throw weapon. As player two, use the arrow keys to move around. Down arrow key to create a block. P to throw weapon.