Enjoy popping all the pimples in Pimple Pop Rush! Do you have an awkward hobby and enjoy watching pimple popping videos? Now, weirdly enough we have a great task for you. Get ready to pop pimples for hours!

All you need to focus on in this game is to pop the pimples you see. You can use the hand that got its fingers ready to pop all the pimples. If you especially enjoy the ASMR-like feeling of popping zits, you will have a blast playing this unique 3D game. Simply drag your cursor through the body in front of you and go over the pimples. If you pop them one after another, you will earn combo points, too. Try not to miss any pimples and always get all the diamonds for extra points. You can use these diamonds to unlock new skins. Use your free draw to unlock extra diamonds and spice up your game. Also, make sure not to bump into the obstacles and not to fail the level. Now, let’s see if you can go on with this fun game and pop all the pimples!

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PL Studio developed Pimple Pop Rush.

Release Date

May 19, 2022


• 3D colorful graphics

• Multiple levels to complete

• Intuitive controls

• Entertaining and unique gameplay


You can drag the cursor to move the hand.