Get ready for an endless and addictive bubble-popping adventure in Glossy Bubbles Challenge! There are so many colorful bubbles in this game but a limited space to fit them all! How many of the bubbles can you get rid of?

You have a single objective in this game, and it is to pop as many bubbles as you can! But you should watch out as the screen will fill with bubbles slowly, and if the cluster reaches the bottom, the game will end. When you start the game, there will be just a few rows of bubbles on the screen. As time passes they will move down slowly. Use your mouse to control the cannon below, and shoot a bubble. To remove bubbles, you should group up 3 or more of the same-colored ones. Then the bubbles will fall down to the tubes. Each tube will reward specific points once a bubble passes through it. The middle one gives the most points with 200 points per bubble, the ones next to it 100 points, and the ones at the edges of the screen give 50 points per bubble. Keep the screen clear of bubbles and pop as many of them as you can to get a high score!

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NovaSky developed Glossy Bubbles Challenge.

Release Date

May 30, 2024


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • An endless level
  • Various colors of bubbles


Use your mouse to play.