Hop on a time machine and enjoy your ride in Phone Transform! If you always wondered how our smartphones started their journey in the past, you are not alone. Now, you can witness the long journey of telephones and their transformation over the years.

In this 3D hypercasual game, you will be dragging a hand over a long platform. This hand is holding a phone and the platform is full of portals and obstacles. Your aim is to get the phone at hand improved over the course of years. You will see the date of production of the phone in the beginning. You can later alter the year you are in by choosing which portal to pass through. If you choose to add some time period, you will see your phone moving forward in time. If you deduct some years, you will go back in time and the phone will transform into an older one. The more you move through the years, the more money you will earn. You can use this money to upgrade to a closer date at the beginning of the level or to have a higher reward each time you make a choice. Now enjoy this fun game because you will see many different phone models over years plus some ideas about how phones can be in the future if you can get to see further dates in the game!

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YAD.Com developed Count Master 3D.

Release Date

September 05, 2022


Colorful 3D graphics

Multiple levels to complete

Skins and accessories to unlock

Upgradeable skills


You can use the cursor to drag the hand through the platform.