Bring color to your life in Pencil Rush! Crayons are a child’s best friend, and this friendship goes on for a lifetime. So, now show your love for colors and create your own masterpieces!

This is a fun 3D game in which you will enjoy the perks of a hyper-casual game. You will hold and drag a bunch of pencils on a white platform. This will cause you to draw a colorful line on the platform. You will bump into some everyday objects and some colored pencils on the way. You should collect as many pencils as you can to grow your collection at hand. The random objects, on the other hand, will cause some pencils and disrupt your progress. You will have an empty canvas at the end of the level which you need to turn into a work of art. The more pencils you collect, the faster you will complete a drawing and display it in the gallery with a variety of frames!

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Gismart developed Pencil Rush.

Release Date

April 29, 2021


• Colorful 3D graphics

• Rewarded ad available to upgrade pencil count, strength, and paint accuracy

• Frames to unlock

• Hyper-casual gameplay


Use the cursor to drag the pencils through the platform.