Help your fluffy friends become fit in Pet Trainer Duel! You have a very entertaining and unique job. People come to you to get help for their fluffy pets who need to lose weight. Now, come and explore this interesting job and figure out how it’s done.

In this platformer game, you will be running with cute kitties whose owners have dropped by to let you help them. As a pet trainer, your job is to create platforms for overweight kitties that will challenge them to put in some effort and lose weight. But these platforms are designed to balance the effort of the cats, so there will also be easier paths and some fish for them to eat, too. What you need is to choose the right options and paths according to the cat’s current weight status until it finishes the platform. Do your best to keep them away from being obese since they won’t also be able to pass through glass bridges in that case. Once you reach normal weight, you should be fine with your kitten and will have completed your task in the best way!

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RHM Interactive developed Pet Trainer Duel.

Release Date

January 05, 2023


• Colorful 2D graphics

• Watch a rewarded ad to continue to play after a failure

• Easy and fun controls

• 2-Player mode available


Use the arrow keys to move the cat through the platform. Use the A and D keys for Player 1 and the arrow keys for Player 2 in the two-player mode.