Help your friend for a great date in Perfect First Date! Your friend has called you and told you she needs your help. As a great friend, you’ve run for her help. She is going on a first date with a special guy, and you’ll be the one to get her ready. Can you complete her glam now?

Here, you’ll be responsible for the total make-over of your friend. She wakes up early in the morning for this very special event. So, this means she will need good skincare before all the other steps. Use the best lotions and products and wait until they give their results. Later, you will have the chance to do the make-up for your friend. Choose the best colors to compliment her beauty! The rest is the hairdo, clothes, and accessories to complete her whole look. When you are done with your friend’s glam session, she’ll be ready to rock the date. Wish her luck!

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FreezeNova. Games developed Perfect First Date.

Release Date

March 01, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Detailed skincare sessions and many products

• Variety of clothes and accessories

• Fun gameplay


You can use your mouse to choose options.