Nobody would say no to an relaxing spa experience after a long day of work. Sasha’s Health Spa opens its doors to the residents of the city, and you are the manager of this delightful place. With so many different services, you can be sure that people from all over the city will be flocking to your spa. It’s time for your management skills to shine as you take control of the day-to-day operations of the spa. Are you ready for the levels filled with beauty creams, hair conditioners and body scrubs?

Keeping the customers happy and pampered is very important when you’re the manager of a spa business. In Sasha’s Health Spa, your objective is to welcome customers to your salon, provide the services they want to receive and reach your money goal level. There are a total of 6 services that your customers can enjoy, including a facial mask station, a manicure/pedicure seat, a sauna, a massage table, and a hot pool. When a customer arrives, they will take a seat in the waiting area and remain there until you click and drag them to the appropriate area. You can see what they want in the little thought balloon above their heads. Click on a customer to open the menu and choose between different applications. At the lower part of this menu, you can see your customer’s face. If they’re happy with your selection, they’ll smile. Give them what they want to earn points and even tips. At the end of each day, you have a chance to upgrade your existing items or buy new ones and improve the performance of your business. Can you complete all the levels in this addictive game?

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  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Different services you can provide for your customers
  • Upgrade your items
  • Challenging and entertaining gameplay


Use the left mouse button to interact with the objects.