GT Ghost Racing invites you to show off your racing skills with utmost fun! All these cars are the latest tech and fashion sports cars. They are waiting for you to get on the seat and hit the gas! Choose your vehicle, select the track and get on the way to the victory. Are you ready to outpace everyone crossing your way now?

You have only one more step to take for your new life. After this day, you can be the new legendary ghost racer. In this fun and thrilling racing game, you are competing against the ghosts of racing legends. Your ultimate objective is to be the first racer who reaches the finish line by outpacing all your opponents. It is not gonna be easy, but we are with you! You should use the keyboard arrows to move your car. The very first thing you will do is to choose the most appealing vehicle to your taste in cars. Then, choose the unlocked track and start driving! When you win the game, you get stars. With your stars, you can unlock new tracks and add more challenges to the game. As you proceed, the difficulty level of the game increases as well. If you are ready now to hit the roads, let's this merciless race begins. May the best racer wins!

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RodaGames developed GT Ghost Racing.

Release Date

June 3, 2021


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Lots of tracks to unlock
  • Several vehicles to drive
  • Fun and addictive gameplay


Keyboard: Arrow Up = Accelerate, Arrow Down = Break / Reverse L/R, Arrows = Steer Left or Right. Touchscreen: On-screen buttons