Climb the ladder of the world tournament with Penalty Champs 22! Choose your national team, get matched with other nations in the tournament, and destroy them on the penalties to get to the top! Take turns at shots, choose the height and speed of your shot, and catch the ball by jumping to the aim!

Ready yourself for a four-match football marathon with only penalties! These shots will determine who rises and who falls! Choose your team, and let’s get in the line. There are thirty-two national teams available. After choosing your team, you can click on the “skip groups” button to skip the crowd and get matched one-on-one. You can also use that table to see who will play against who. Now step onto the field and warm up. Shooting is a three-step process, while goalkeeping is all about reflexes. While shooting, you click thrice: first to choose the direction, second to choose the height, and third to choose the power. Goalkeeping is the tricky part. You must wait for the target to appear and click on it the second it comes. Defeat your opponents to face more challenging teams and master the penalties to earn the world cup!

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Physical Form developed Penalty Champs 22.

Release Date

October 4, 2022


Colorful 2D graphics

Simple controls with challenging gameplay

Improving reflexes

Team and nationality options

Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play this game.