Fold the papers and make art in Paper Fold Origami! Here is a wonderfully soothing game for you. Now, it’s time to discover the art of origami and challenge your craftiness to see if you can get the best figures out of little papers!

Get your hands ready for a crafty adventure because you are about to fold a good amount of paper! Here you can play a game with a new approach to origami. There are a series of levels for you to try out. At each level, you will get a paper with a new drawing. Colorful fruits, planes, and many more objects lay on these papers. But you can’t see these items at first. To have the exact drawings, you need to fold the papers and get the final result. You should choose the orders to fold the papers in the best way so that the papers with a blank side won’t block the drawings. There are 20 levels and no limits to try folding the papers. Now, let’s see if you can master this art and get good drawings!

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BestGameSpot developed Paper Fold Origami.

Release Date

June 08, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Intuitive skills

Relaxing game experience

Multiple levels to complete

Addictive gameplay


You can click left on the paper to fold it from the lined parts.