Donuts are the best treat to enjoy during visits to funfair for the customers at Papa's Donuteria. Grab an apron and get ready to shape and fry the these rounded nuggets of goodness because you will be making donuts! The fair is quite busy at this time of the year, and you'll have lots of customers thanks to the newly added attractions. So roll your sleeves up and start shaping the dough. Heat up the oil and start writing down the orders.

Papa's Donuteria invites you to enjoy the life of a donut shop worker. You may have accepted the job to get easy access to funfair amusements but your priority is filling the bellies of your hungry customers with delicious and freshly baked donuts! Enter your name and start right away. Choose a premade character or create your own. You have lots of options to choose from as you customize your character's look. After a brief tutorial, you can begin the game. Note down your customers’ orders at the order station and start making the donuts at the dough station. Choose the batter and cut it to make the right shape. Next step, let's give your dough rings a piping hot bath at the frying station. Fry both sides of the donuts until they are golden brown. Keep an eye on the timer, because you wouldn't want to burn your rings of dough. Once the donut is baked through, you can add some flavor! Visit the building station and check the order to make sure you’re choosing the correct glaze. Shiny, colorful, and yummy! Add the remaining ingredients, toppings, and more. When ready, serve the warm desserts to your customers. Did you do a good job? If you deliver the perfect donut your customer was waiting for, they’ll give a big tip and you even win an event ticket! Fry more donuts and make your customers leave the shop completely satisfied to unlock new ingredients and customers!

Papa's Donuteria is one of the most popular food games. If you want to explore more, check our Paparia's games collection for more culinary fun!


Flipline Studios developed Papa's Donuteria and multiple other papa's titles including Papa's Scooperia, Papa's Bakeria and Papa's Pizzeria.

Release Date

16 June 2014


  • Lots of recipes to unlock
  • Mini games
  • Different customers
  • Many customization options


Use your mouse to play the game.