Starlight City may be known for its famous residents, but the real attraction is Papa's Wingeria! Nothing in this town has garnered more fame than Papa Louie’s delicious chicken wings! Picky customers, hidden recipes, and more await you at Papa's new shop. The sizzling sounds of chicken wings taking a dip in the deep fryer will surely draw many passers-by. Once your customers have seen the menu, they won’t care about getting oily fingers! Prepare the dips and slice the vegetables! We’re going to feed the whole city!

Another yummy journey awaits you in Papa's Wingeria! In the sixth game in the Papa Louie series, you’ve ended up working in Papa Louie’s chicken wings restaurant after a series of interesting events. As the player, your objective is simple. Take orders from your customers and serve them the meal they want. If you've played the other games in the series, you'll notice the gameplay is quite similar. To cook and serve wings, you have to use 4 different work stations. The first one is where you greet your customers and take their orders. Write the order down and create a ticket. Next, you can visit the frying station. Choose the number of wings you want to fry and put them in the deep fryer. Keep an eye on the meter and don’t let your wings burn to a crispy chunk of charcoal! You should take the wings out of the fryer once the meter hits the white line. It is time to bathe those crispy wings in delicious sauce! Head to the sauce station and add an extra layer of flavor to the wings! Once you’re done, it’s time to visit the building station! Here you arrange your chicken wings on a plate with all side dishes your customer wants, such as a salad of celery and carrots. Add a dipping sauce and you’re ready to serve another tasty meal! Your customers will be licking their fingers if you’ve done a good job, but not before dropping a big tip in your tips jar!

Papa Louie owns lots of shops! Each one is looking for enthusiastic and hard-working foodies to join their staff. If you enjoyed this game, be sure to check our collection of other Paparia games and Papa Louie games.


Flipline Studios developed Papa's Wingeria.Filipine studios also released similar games such as Papas Freezeria and Papas Burgeria.

Release Date

June 13, 2012


  • Many yummy recipes
  • Diverse customers with unique orders
  • Lots of unlockable items
  • Plenty of customization options


Use your mouse to play the game.