The monsters in the addictive puzzle game Paintworld 2: Monsters really like to get paint all over their hands. In this amusing game, have to shoot the little blobs of paint through the levels to unite the right ones. The monsters will help you by hurling the paint creatures through the level. Can you get the blues, greens, and reds flying in the right direction? Use as few moves as possible to earn three stars for each challenge. Slinging around some paint and let the colors fly like daytime fireworks!

It was an ordinary day in the Paintworld, but things have gotten a little bit more colorful since the monsters appeared and started to grab and play catch with the pigmented residents of this world. The paints have been splashed all over the place and now they need your help. Your objective is to throw the paints at the right monsters and end up reuniting them with the other matching globs of paint. Click on the paint blob you want to throw and take aim. Each monster has a particular way of throwing the paint creatures around, so make sure you hurl your paints at the right ones. Split the bigger paint blobs, dye them a different color, and make sure to unstick them from the gloopy glue globs. The fewer shots you use the better your final score!

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This game was developed by the game developer FlashTeam.


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Dozens of different levels
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Different rewards to earn


Use your mouse to play. Click on a blob you want to throw, and move the mouse to determine the direction. Tap again to fire your shot.