Turn your gaze to the clear skies with the madly popular game, One More Flight! Take control of different aircraft and show your piloting skills as you maneuver around obstacles and land successfully on the stations! Even the sun cheers for you as it shines in its full glory! The sky is your playground! Fly in circles, draw loops, and feel the adrenaline filling your body as you nose-dive from the highest altitudes! The stars you collect will be the badges of your prowess. Put those aviator glasses on and prepare to reach for the clouds!

Addictive gameplay is successfully combined with cute graphics in One More Flight, where you, the player, leave the land behind and become one with the sky! With its 10 thrilling levels, each filled with challenging puzzles and a challenging flight path, One More Flight lets you conquer the skies! As the best pilot in the world, your objective is to complete each level by navigating a flight path filled with different obstacles. Each level has a different design, so you'll have many chances to challenge your flying skills. The gameplay of One More Flight is reminiscent of the wildly popular skill game, Flappy Bird. Use your left mouse button to keep your aircraft in the air. Once you release the button, your aircraft will start to descend. To avoid the obstacles, you must time your clicks carefully. What’s shining? The stars! You will see 3 stars in each level that you can collect. This is optional, but you can spend the stars on unlocking and flying new aircraft! Each level has checkpoints and landing on one will save your progress. If things go awry in the cockpit and you crash into an obstacle, you can restart from these checkpoints.

Climb to the clouds, high-five the sun, and ride gravity back to the ground. Become a creature of the sky and master every flight track you come across. When you decide to take a break, consider browsing our collection of action games. And if you like, take a moment to try other planes titles, such as Awesome Planes in which your flying skills are required, or Merge Planes, a game in which you manage an entire plane fleet!


One More Flight is developed by Ozdy.


  • 10 challenging levels
  • 4 different aircraft to use
  • Colorful and cute graphics
  • Addictive gameplay


Use your mouse to play the game.