Some investors are stuck on the ground while you are ready to test the limits of the skies with Merge Plane. Command an airline empire as you earn millions with the planes you buy and upgrade. Let your rivals squabble beneath you. As the new owner of the most successful airline in the world, you belong to the skies! Gather your pilots, wipe those aviator glasses clean, and get ready to take off!

Merge Plane is an idle tycoon clicker game in which your objective is to earn as much money as you can. To do that, you should purchase planes and place them on the track. Every time a plane completes a tour, it will earn you money. There are over 10 types of planes you can use. Each one of them has a different speed and income. Every legendary business has humble beginnings. You start with a basic plane. Purchase one more and place it on the track, too. When you earn enough money from it, buy a third, and then a fourth... Click and drag a plane over to another one of the same kind and you'll unlock a new and improved plane belonging to a higher tier. You can see the level of each plane on their wings. On top of the game screen, you can see three bars. The first one shows your progress towards the next level. Clicking on this bar will give you a summary of your current level and income. The second one represents a special currency that you can spend on upgrading the speed and the income rate of your planes. You can buy these tokens by clicking on the bar. The last bar is the gems bar. You earn gems as you level up. Keep the planes on track and don't forget to upgrade! Soon you'll be a millionaire!

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Release Date

March 2018


  • Addictive gameplay
  • You can upgrade your planes
  • Different planes to unlock
  • Nice graphics


Use your mouse to play this game.