Help Nubik save his brother from Herobrin with Nubik vs Herobrin's Army! Face the horrific creatures of the night and fight against zombie and skeleton hordes! Stick to your weapon, upgrade it step by step by looting swords, and deal critical damage to gigantic bosses!

Herobrin's at it again! He kidnapped Nubik's brother and released an army of horror on earth, and now Nubik has to face them all and take his brother back. You can join his mission and fight alongside him to banish evil. To start the missions, you can follow the tutorial steps. Move along the map and use your sword to break objects. You can open paths by smashing boxes. Use the bow to reach the apple on the tree and shoot it. Now you are ready for the real thing! Step outside and prepare yourself for the first enemy wave. You can see their direction and distance by following the arrows. Move toward an enemy and use your sword to hit them. Good timing can save lives at this point. Do not let the monsters touch Nubik; attack and take a step back before landing another blow. Match the weapons between levels to level up your sword, and buy new upgrades to boost your skills!

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Mirra Games developed Nubik vs Herobrin's Army.

Release Date

February 6, 2023


  • Nubik as the main hero!
  • Funny characters and monsters
  • An in-game tutorial
  • A minigame


You can use the arrow keys or "A, D" to move and your mouse to attack.