Collect gems in Ninja Miner! We don't know why a ninja would choose to dwell in the mines, but in Ninja Miner, our sneaky and energetic fighter needs you to lend a hand. He wants to collect the riches hidden deep down underground, such as gleaming gemstones and golden treasures. Ninjas usually lurk in the shadows, and mining is a new challenge for our nimble friend. He’ll need your help to evade the traps and other obstacles that could prove deadly. Grab your pickaxe, shovel, and miner's cap! This might not be a journey to the center of the world, but be prepared to do some digging!

Ninja Miner features 24 entertaining levels, each filled with a series of fun challenges. In this addictive game, you take control of an energetic and agile ninja. Travel through the dark mines at ninja-speed. Your objective in the game is to collect every gem and unlock the door to the exit. In each level, you’ll find many different barriers. Destroy them and clear your way by using the special tools you can find scattered around the mine mazes. While your main objective is to collect gems, you’ll also see a total of 3 stars in each level that are optional to collect. In some levels, you’ll encounter golden doors that you can only unlock by obtaining the matching golden keys. Who knows what these gilded doors are hiding? While traveling through the mine, be sure to look out for spikes! Crashing into the spikes is sure to be deadly - your ninja will die upon contact, so be careful! You can collect a total of 65 awards to prove your ninja talents!

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Ninja Miner was created by Vitaliy "Silen" Sidorov.


  • 24 challenging maze levels to complete
  • 65 cool awards to earn
  • Smooth 2D graphics
  • Addicting puzzle-based gameplay


Use your mouse or the arrow keys to you're your ninja around.