In My Dolphin Show 8, everyones favorite dolphin show is back now! The crowded audiences are bigger and more exciting now! They are impatiently waiting for your show! Are you ready to swim around the pool and show off your stunt skills? Have fun!

This is another episode of the most famous dolphin show! The crowd is ready and waiting for your amazing show! So, it is time to show your talents in the pool! Your objective in this game is to perform as many tricks as you can, the game will give you the directions. As you perform your tricks, you will earn lots of points. To start the game, click on the start button on the main menu. You will have 18 different levels in this game. At each level, you will need to complete different tasks like jumping across the donuts, playing beach ball, and eating tiny fishes. You will earn stars at the end of each level as you perform stunts. You can control the dolphin with your arrow keys. You can also upgrade your sea animal by using the coins that you earn at each level. You will also earn some points and coins when you make the audience happy and clap. You can follow your coins at the top left corner of the screen. Are you ready to perform your stunts and show off your talents to the audience? Have fun!

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Agame developed My Dolphin Show 8.

Release Date

May 3, 2017


  • 2D graphics
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Unlockable game characters
  • 18 levels to play


You can use your arrow keys or WASD keys.