Ride your bike like there’s no tomorrow in Mx Offroad Master! As a great biker, you have adrenaline running through your veins and only this crazy adventure can soothe you. Now, are you ready for this extreme and incredibly fun bike adventure?

In this realistic game with amazing 3D graphics, you will certainly feel like you are riding your bike in an endless green area. The motion of riding the bike is so realistic with the great graphics that you won’t want to stop playing. The two different views as the third person view and the rider’s view make this realistic experience only better. There are two options that you will equally enjoy. In the free ride version, you can freely ride around the beautiful scenery and collect coins by doing air stunts. In the mountain ride mode, you will ride your bike downhill and will try to complete mountain tracks. Try not to fall off the edges or hit some rock not to fail the level. You have 2 chances to restart from the same checkpoint. If you fail more, you’ll have to restart the level. Do not forget that there’s also a 2-player mode which you can enjoy with your friends, too!

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RHM Interactive developed Mx Offroad Master.

Release Date

December 24, 2021


3D colorful and realistic graphics

Multiple levels

Challenging gameplay

2-player option

Free ride or mountain ride options

2 different views


You can use the arrow keys to control the biker.