Jump on an adventure in Mr Noob Hook Hero! Noob is on another adventure, and he has nothing to fear. Now, grab your ropes, hold on to the hooks and jump over the platforms until you reach the finish line with noob at each level!

Here is an adventure game that is full of obstacles. Noob should reach the finish line at each level but there are so many obstacles on his way. Now, help him jump over the trampolines over the way and reach the finish line. There are 24 levels for you to enjoy the thrilling adventure. You can left-click to throw the rope and hang it on the hooks. You will be automatically taken from one side to the other with the acceleration of the trampolines. But be careful about the blades and the sword your enemy keeps throwing at you. Also, try to collect the coins and the keys to open the chest. You can use those to unlock new skins!

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kiz10.com team developed Mr Noob Hook Hero.

Release Date

June 16, 2022


• Vintage-looking colorful graphics

• 24 levels

• Easy and fun controls

• Addictive and fun gameplay

• Skins to unlock


You can click left to throw the rope and release the click to leave the rope.