Conquer the skies with your racing skills in Monster Truck Sky Racing! Join challenges on a track built in the air, take your opponents down, and make it to the finish line before everyone else! Master your control over your monster truck by practice, and unlock new vehicles to reach the top!

Welcome to a unique arena built for you to show off your driving skills with monster trucks! In this speed challenge, you are free to unlock the truck you like and upgrade it to its best to beat your opponents on the track. To start your career, you can hit the play button and get inside your vehicle. Wait for the countdown to end, and hit the gas pedal to speed up. You can see the obstacles placed on the road; try to push your opponents toward them, but be careful; they might try to pull the same trick on you! You also get paid extra for all the damage and drift points you collect. Keep your speed and extra points balanced to complete the race in the first place and enjoy your rewards. Do not forget to stop by the shop afterward to unlock new vehicles, upgrade your car, and customize it. Good luck!

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AYN Games developed Monster Truck Sky Racing.

Release Date

June 1, 2023


  • Stunning backgrounds
  • Unique racetracks
  • Fun and challenging levels
  • Unlockable vehicles and upgrades
  • Car skins at the game shop


Use "W, A, S, D" to move, and the left shift to accelerate.