Take control of huge vehicles in the addictive game Monster Truck Rally. Race against other players and become the winner on each one of the many different monster truck battle tracks. This is not your ordinary car race because these monster trucks are out to cause destruction! Do you have the talent of an expert driver? Try to stay in control of your truck and win each race you join! With different truck choices and upgrades, you’ll have many options to explore. Start the engines, honk the horn to get the crowd riled up, and let the games begin!

Monster Truck Rally is an exciting game in which you can drive many different monster trucks and race against other players on various race tracks. Monster trucks are known for their destructive power and many vehicle enthusiasts love them for this reason. Watching these beasts in action is quite a sight to behold! In this game, your objective is to take control of your monster truck and join the various competitions on order to win 1st place. There are 8 different tracks, and each one is located in different a country. From the deserts of the USA to the jungles of Brazil, get ready to embrace the thrill of racing against other players in this exciting game. When you complete a rally with good score, you’ll earn money and unlock new trucks. Spend the money you earn on upgrading your vehicle's stats. Each jump will fill your turbo meter. Use it to give your truck a huge speed boost! Can you finish each race in first place?

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This game was developed by Insane Hero.


  • 10 different awards to earn
  • 4 different monster trucks to unlock
  • Can upgrade your trucks' stats
  • 8 different tracks to play


Use WASD or the arrow keys to drive your truck. To activate the turbo boost, press the X key or the space bar.