Jump into another dimension of reality in Minimal Dungeon RPG! A totally different world with different characters and possibilities awaits you in this new rendering of a classic game. Now, get ready to put on your imaginative persona and enjoy your time!

Now, prepare yourself to fully get into the mindset of a crawler among the dark dungeons. Only if you can fully embrace the persona, you can get into character and enjoy this world. In this RPG game, you will be crawling through the virtual dungeons and fighting against monsters. You can simply click on the simplified squares that make up rooms, enemies, or spaces where you can complete your tasks. Likewise, manage your skills and powers by clicking on them and shopping from the store. The storyline goes on throughout the play, so consider any detail belonging to this engaging plotline. Now, let’s see if you can explore the best of what this endless RPG world presents you with!

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CapPlay developed Minimal Dungeon RPG.

Release Date

April 21, 2022


• 2D graphics

• RPG gameplay

• Rich and engaging storyline

• Intuitive controls and easy play


You can use the left-click to choose the options.