In Mini Switcher, it is time to control the cutest pink blob! In this dangerous retro-style world, this blob needs a guide, and you are the person who can help! Switch the gravity and travel around 30 levels! Have fun and good luck!

Do you know how it feels to be lost in a maze? Even if you don't know it, you need to help this blob! It can't find its own way and needs someone to guide it. Can you change gravity to get the blob to the flag in each episode? If your answer is yes, click on the start button to jump into the game right away! You can switch the gravity by touching the screen, using X, spacebar, or left mouse click. To make it get out of the labyrinth, you should change its way by clicking on the screen at the right time, or else it can be killed by a variety of obstacles. There will be 30 levels to pass, as you proceed with the game, the difficulty level will increase and you will face some colorful enemies, different obstacles, and some traps! If you are ready for this rescue mission, it is time to master gravity, leap over enemies, dodge cannonballs and reach the pink flag! Have fun!

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NoaDev developed Mini Switcher.

Release Date

July 6, 2021


  • 2D pixelated graphics
  • 30 levels to complete
  • Intuitive controls
  • Challenging and fun gameplay


You can use your X key, Spacebar, or Left Click to switch gravity.