Mad Cat is here to light up your day with some mischief! Join a duty to enrage your human flatmate, and escape the consequences of your evil-ish actions! Break everything -and we mean everything- in the house, use boosters to avoid the incoming judgment, and enjoy living without a care in the world!

Spend your day as the cutest enemy of objects standing too close to edges, and use your paws to make your ancestors' wishes come true! In this 3D world, you can run through the house all you like and push any object through the edges of the home without using any force! There will be some difficulties, of course, but we will get to that. You can begin this most innocent journey by clicking the play button. Roam the room using only your front legs, and push the objects to the edges of the platform. You can also break the vases and glasses by hitting the counters and tables. Keep a distance between the owner and yourself, and eat fruits to get a time-limited speed booster. Be careful not to run out of boosters; you might need them later. Keep creating chaos to score points and pass stages, and enjoy the fury of your human mate!

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Harbi Games developed Mad Cat.

Release Date

May 22, 2023


  • Hilarious game theme
  • Improving reflexes and motor skills
  • Good 3D graphics
  • Available on mobile


You can use your mouse to play.