Light up the roads in Lampada Street! Have you ever imagined an alternative world where humans were created differently? Now, you are invited to such a world where all the living things are walking light bulbs! Come and enjoy a different virtual reality!

This game grabs you into a different kind of reality constructed by a post-apocalyptic post. With the hyper-realistic 3D graphics, you can enjoy lighting up the dark roads of this dirty world. You have one certain aim. You must run across the street until the end of the road. But there is one problem. There is running traffic with many cars on the road. So, you must be very careful at each step. You have three chances for each round. Make sure that you can pass across the street without being crashed by the cars or the bicycles. Let’s see how far you can go in this scary world!

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Vardan Aleksanyan developed Lampada Street.

Release Date

February 24, 2020


• 3D realistic graphics

• Multiple levels to complete

• Entertaining and addictive levels

• Intuitive controls


You can use any key or the left-click to run and the space key to jump.