In Kylie vs Kendall Oscars, the famous award show is just around the corner, and the girls want to be the center of the attention during the event. Trusting your amazing styling skills, these two beautiful women want you to help them get ready to look their best. Can you help them look stunning?

Award shows like these are a great place to shine, and that's what the sisters want. Your objective in this game is to help both girls to get ready through 4 simple steps. Start with Kylie first. Before heading into the dressing room, give her a good make-up to pronounce her beautiful features. Apply mascara, pick an eyeshadow palette to make her eyes pop, and select one of the lipsticks. Style her hair, and you're done! Looking good! Now time to visit the second stage, and pick a gorgeous dress. Use the arrows on the wardrobe to browse different options. Once you decide, pick a pair of nice shoes and finalize her look with glamorous accessories. When done, you can start helping Kendall. Follow the same steps to complete her look. We're sure these girls will be the talk of the night!

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DressUpWho developed Kylie vs Kendall Oscars.

Release Date

December 3, 2019


  • Fun gameplay
  • Play with Kylie and Kendall
  • Simple controls
  • Different clothes and accessories to use
  • 4 stages to complete


You can play this game with your mouse.