In Kowara, it's time to walk into the arena and prove you are the MVP! Featuring online multiplayer gameplay and nice graphics, this game brings all the fun to players from all around the world. Are you ready to join the challenge?

Welcome, warrior! The arena awaits you. Here, you'll face other skilled warriors who will stop at nothing to take you down. If you are brave enough to face them and powerful enough to defeat them, let's begin! In this game, your objective is to defeat the enemy team and walk out of the arena victorious. There are 4 teams in this game; red, green, yellow and blue. Join one of them and defeat your enemies. The game starts at your base. Here, you can choose one of the many weapons to get rid of your enemies. To equip them, use the E key. You can also heal up here after the fight. If you are ready, it's time to meet your enemies. Go to the middle of the playing field and start the shooting. You'll see the enemy bases, your foes and the enemy octopuses here. Beware of the octopuses when you are walking into the enemy territory since they are there to protect the base. You can sign up to save your progress and customize your character with the points you earn while you are playing. Have fun!

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Kowara is developed by KoGaMa.

Release Date

Jan 03, 2019.


  • Online multiplayer gameplay
  • Nice 2D graphics
  • 4 different teams to choose from
  • Intuitive controls


WASD keys or arrow keys to move around. E to equip weapon. Space bar to jump. Left mouse button to shoot.