Kogama Battle is real, and it is right here! The Kogama Games is back with a brand new, extremely exciting competition between the red team and blue team! The fans were waiting for this moment for a long time and now it is time to start this battle. You have only one mission to complete and that is reaching the flag. Are you ready to prove that you are a worthy ally now?

Did you hear the voice of the trumpet? It is the precursor of the new battle! It is time to choose your side now. Will you make a soldier of the blue team or the red team? Two groups ready to do whatever it takes to reach the flag and get the victory. It is only a matter of seconds that the rival team completes the ultimate mission. Hold tight to your keyboard, use the arrows or the WASD keys to move around. As we all know from the previous adventures of this popular multiplayer game series, the SPACE BAR is to jump jump jump! Collect the dead weapons by pressing the "E" key and show no mercy to your opponents. Save your progress by registering if you want to collect the gems and buy yourself fabulous skins and accessories. Once a group reaches the flag, the victory is theirs, and the adventure starts again with new players. Let the KoGaMa Games begin!

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KoGaMa developed this game.


  • 3D pixelated graphics
  • Online multiplayer competition
  • 2 different teams to choose
  • One mission to complete


WASD or arrows to move around. SPACE BAR to jump. The "E" key to get items. Mouse to change camera view.