Accompany Oliver in his adventure and have fun alongside him in Super Oliver World! An out-of-this-world experience coming straight out of the vintage world of video games… You are lucky enough to work your way in this adventure with Oliver, so brace yourself for a long walk!

In this adventure-platformer game, you have 15 levels. Through these fifteen levels, you will be trying to get Oliver to the end of each level. The platforms of each level are full of various obstacles. You should get to know what each obstacle does. For example, you can break the bricks around that won’t affect you other than letting you jump on them. The carnivorous plants can’t eat you, and you will fail the level instantly if you touch them, whereas the little birds around will get only one of your lives. You also have the option to jump on those birds to eliminate them. Now, start the adventure with all this info in mind and see if you’ll have a blast with Oliver through these levels.

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magnificstudios developed Super Oliver World.

Release Date

September 07, 2022


Vintage-looking graphics

15 levels

Easy and fun controls

Extra lives available to unlock


You can use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to control the character through the platform.