With Kogama Minecraft Sky Land, Kogama adventures with Minecraft theme continues to amaze the players! Featuring 3D graphics and online gameplay, you can gather with your friends, team up and start to build up your own territory in this fun skill game. To add a little bit of challenge and thrill, you can set a fight against your enemies with your team! Now, get ready to start the game and then, let the adventure begin!

This fun skill game has no limits neither does it have any strict objectives! However, this game provides you a huge sky land where you can show your creativity by designing buildings and create a special territory with your team dudes! Before starting the adventure, you will see 2 teams you can join. After choosing one, create as many constructions as possible with your team and fight against your opponents. The goal is keeping them from developing their own territory by putting obstacles. You can sign in or continue as a tourist. You can equip the tools such as weapons by pressing the "E" key. Use the arrows to move around and "Space" to jump. At the left bottom of the screen, you can see the new updates about what is happening with the other players. In the in-game shop, you can buy new items to customize your character and you can upgrade its features such as speed and more. Good luck!

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Kogama developed this game.


  • Online multiplayer gameplay
  • 2 team options to join
  • Character customization from in-game shop
  • 3D colorful graphics


The arrow keys or WASD keys to move around and the SPACE BAR key to jump. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.