Help a cute cartoon girl hide from the house cat in a giant kitchen with Kitten Hide And Seek! You woke up shorter, much shorter than you used to be, and now the house cat sees you as a mouse. Let's see how long you can survive without getting caught between those paws!

It does not matter who shrunk or grew; what matters is that you need food, and you need it now! So, wipe your tears, build a plan of the kitchen in your head, and get out! You must run to the other side of the kitchen counter to reach the dinner plate. There will be some obstacles, of course. The house cat is after you, and it loves to play with its food. There is some strong evidence that you are the food, so you must learn how to hide. You can hide behind almost every object on the counter, but the timing is crucial. Stay alerted at all times to click at the right second and survive until you make it to the finish line. Keep making these dangerous trips to build yourself a tiny home and unlock new cute skins! Don't forget to stop by the lucky spin and give it a chance!

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PuzzleGame.Com developed Kitten Hide And Seek.

Release Date

August 15, 2022


Adorable characters

Fun levels and dialogues

Unlockable skins

Nice 2D graphics

Available on mobile


Click or tap to duck, release to run.