You got to get what belongs to you back in Jungle Run OZ! As a vicious monster, it will be true to say that you are a grumpy individual. It is only natural to get angry at a naughty boy who stole your special potion. So, now are you ready to run for your life to take the potion back?

This naughty boy decided to make a joke and he got your potion. But as funny as it may seem, you need that potion and this boy runs fast. So, you need to run for your life through the stone bridges of the enchanted forest you live in. But be careful about all the booby traps. You will fall and fail the level the very second you touch a trap, so jump over or dodge the obstacles. Be sure to collect all the green drops that the boy drops on the way. The more potion you get back, the more points you will have. You can unlock new zombies to play as or improve your character with mutations. Now, let’s see how far you can go behind the boy and how full your potion bottle will be!

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No Outlinks developed Running Santa.

Release Date

March 04, 2022


3D colorful graphics

Intuitive skills

Gripping platform to keep you alert

Addictive gameplay

Zombies to unlock


You can use arrow keys to rotate the character. Use the down arrow key to slide under the obstacles.