Pop all the jungle bubbles in Jungle Bubble Shooter! You are in the middle of an enchanted jungle now. You need to pop all the forest bubbles out of your way to be able to walk out of there. Can you complete the tasks and clear your path

Here is a bubble shooter game for you to discover new worlds and enjoy the beauty of a magical forest. Here, you have four different settings for your gameplay pleasure. You can choose between those different settings and enjoy popping out all the bubbles. There are 15 levels in each setting. You need to simply combine more than two of the bubbles with the same color to pop them out. Choose the spot you want to send the upcoming bubble to clear a group of bubbles off the table. You can use the explosive bonus or chose the replace the upcoming bubble with the bubble at hand. Now, let’s see if you will be able clear all the levels from the bubbles!

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BestGamesFreePlay.com developed Jungle Bubble Shooter.

Release Date

April 05, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Addictive and relaxing gameplay

Intuitive controls

60 levels in 4 different settings


You can use the cursor to aim for the spots and left-click to send the bubbles.