Enjoy popping bubbles in Bubble Shooter Pro 2! It’s time for a brand new adventure and all you are dealing with are bubbles. Now, position your weapons and get set to shoot them all!

A colorful table of bubbles lies before you and you have one aim in mind. You got to clear them all off the table. They are coming in waves and no one can stop these bubbles. You have to clear them all before it is too late and they touch the borders of the table. If you fail to pop the bubbles and they touch the border, you fail the level. All you need is to match the bubbles of the same color and get more than three of them side by side to pop them out. You can simply aim with your cursor and send the upcoming ball to the best spot available. Let’s see if you can go on for hours and break the records by popping all the bubbles!

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SOFTGAMES - Mobile Entertainment Services GmbH developed Bubble Shooter Pro 2.

Release Date

May 02, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Addictive and relaxing gameplay

Intuitive controls

Endless levels


You can use the cursor to aim for the spots and left-click to send the bubbles.