Are you ready to change the faith of a whole magic town in Marbles Garden? Get ready to use your magic cannon in your hand. There are goblins all around who are coming to take your village down. Take your position and protect it at all costs!

In this game, you will be the savior of a whole town by protecting the magic portal in the center of the town. The Goblins have a special power. They can carry around endless numbers of poisonous marbles, and they are trying to take them to the center portal of your town. That’s why you were chosen as the hero of the town, and you are gatekeeping the portal by throwing cannonballs at the goblins. You need to interrupt the scheme of the marbles by popping them out so that the goblins won’t be able to carry them through the spiral road. Just make groups of three marbles of the same color, and you are safe! Use the extra magical powers and make sure they can’t reach the portal in the center!

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SBC Games developed Marbles Garden.

Release Date

February 28, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Multiple levels to complete

Magical assistive features

Power-ups to unlock with stars earned


You can use the mouse to aim for the spot to throw your marbles at.