Love conquers all, and the lovers Jim and Mary need your help in their second adventure, Jim Loves Mary 2. Separated by Mary's parents, Jim and Mary want to be together and it’s your job to reunite them in this addictive game. Play through amazing levels and help the lovers to overcome the obstacles that stand between them.

The sequel to the first game, Jim Loves Mary 2 starts with a short cutscene giving you the details of the relationship between Jim and Mary. They love each other but Mary's parents don't approve of their relationship so they separated the lovers. They managed to escape into the forest, but now they need to find each other! As the player, you have to control both of the characters through many challenging levels. Both Jim and Mary have different abilities, and you need to control both of them to complete levels. Jim can jump higher and move faster than Mary. Mary may lack Jim’s physical strength, but she is a petite lady who can fit through narrow passages when she crouches. The forest is an untamed place, and you will encounter many obstacles throughout the levels. You have to press buttons, pull levers, and move platforms to clear the path between the lovers. Each level contains three hearts that you can collect. The main use of these hearts is that you can unlock a bonus level when you collect 60 of them. The other use is when you’ve been hit by one of the wild denizens of the forest, they act as lives. Getting hit without having a heart collected will result in your character dying, and you’ll lose the level. Plan your moves accordingly and help Jim and Mary live happily ever after!

Love is in the air and Jim and Mary know it. When you complete this second game, go back and play the first game, Jim Loves Mary!


Meow Beast developed this game.

Release Date

November 2013


  • Control 2 players
  • Colorful forest zone
  • 2D graphics
  • 20 challenging levels


Use the WASD keys to control Jim and the arrow keys to control Mary.