Love is an open door that anyone can step through to find their soulmate. In Jim Loves Mary, Jim and Mary have found each other, but Mary's family doesn’t approve of their daughter's boyfriend. Separating lovers will only strengthen the bond between them, and that's exactly what’s happened. Jim has planned a secret date with Mary, and these two lovers need your help to evade Mary's stubborn family members to be reunited through the 20 challenging levels! Can you solve the different puzzles and help love flourish between the two?

Dive into the puzzle-filled world of Jim Loves Mary and try your best to overcome and solve the many different challenges you'll face in this addictive game. Jim had to make sure that their secret date remains a secret, so he came up with an intricate plan to prevent Mary's family from stopping them. The couple seem lost and that's where you have to lend a hand to help them meet. As the player, your objective is to complete each level by solving puzzles of various difficulties. Throughout the levels, you’ll encounter buttons, levers, crates, and many other tools that you must interact with to activate different mechanisms. You control both Jim and Mary in this game, and if you wish, you can play with a friend as well as alone! Each of the characters has different skills that you’ll need to complete each level. Jim is a strong young man and he can jump higher than Mary, while she is a petite lady who can squeeze through narrow places, a talent Jim lacks. As you pass the levels, you will encounter Mary's family members. They won't harm Mary but if Jim comes close, they will cause trouble. In each level, you’ll see three hearts scattered around the screen. Collecting them will give you extra points, and the hearts also act as lives. Can you help Jim and Mary live happily ever after or will you fail to bring them together?

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Meow Beast developed this game, as well as the second game Jim Loves Mary 2.


  • 20 different levels
  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Control two characters
  • Play with a friend


Use the arrow keys to control Mary and use the WASD keys to control Jim. Press the R key to restart the level.