Bend the reality in Holeminator! It’s now time to roll your ball through the most fun platform of all time. Take your place, get your speed, and roll over the blocks to collect. Can you omit everything you see?

This is a very fun game that will take you to another dimension. All you are dealing with will be blocks, holes, and the ball that you are rotating. Your main aim is to collect all the blocks you can when you are rolling your ball down the road. This will be possible with the hole that you have a little in front of your ball. You need to rotate the hole by clicking left and using your cursor. If you touch the blocks with the hole, they will be swallowed by the hole. Try to get as many blocks as you can since otherwise, they can create trouble. If you accidentally touch a single block with your ball, you will fail the level. There are many balls and fancy designs of holes, so make sure to unlock them with the coins you collect after each successful level. Let’s see if you’ll enjoy this game from another dimension!

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Physical Form developed Holeminator.

Release Date

May 20, 2022


2D colorful graphics

Multiple levels

Intuitive skills

Addictive gameplay

Balls and holes to unlock


You can use the cursor to rotate the ball.