Are you ready to test your driving reflexes with HillClimb Racer? Stay in control with just two main control commands, do spins for extra points, and keep your driver alive in all the mayhem going on! Drive through hills and bridges, pass obstacles built to make you crash, and watch other players explode while keeping calm!

Get ready for a psychological and physical challenge with changing backgrounds and weather! Watch the other players get ahead of you and explode while trying to keep your focus on the changing land shapes! Take your survival skills one step further and complete full spins for extra score points! You can start with the basics and take your place in the first race. Use the left and right arrow keys or tap on the screen to move forward and backward. These two commands are all the control you have over your vehicle. Master these two to make it to the finish line and eliminate others. This is not a speed race; there’s no need to rush or chase the other drivers. Just keep your eyes on the road and complete the jumps safely. You can change and upgrade your car at the shop between races.

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Developer developed HillClimb Racer.

Release Date

August 25, 2022


Simple controls

Increasing difficulty

Nice 2D graphics

Vehicle upgrades

Available on mobile


Use the left and right arrow keys or tap on the screen.