Make the bullets rain from your helicopter to keep the survivors safe from zombies with Helicopter Rescue! Watch the zombie apocalypse from the front seat with this mission! Wait for the walkers to break free, and shoot them to give the survivors more time! Do you have what it takes to save humankind?

All roles are assigned as the end of the world approaches. Will you let the undead reign over the earth, or will you rise to the war and defend your kind? Your job in this uprising is to rescue the last few standing from rooftops. Of course, it will not be that simple. You must escort them to the end before picking them up. Keep their path open, watch out for surprise attacks, and block every road the zombies might come through. Blow up barrels, break wooden bridges, and headshot the monsters before they can get to the humans. You can shoot them all or get creative and wait for the right time to explode them with red barrels. Whichever way you choose, keep people alive until the safe point to get paid in cash and buy new weapons. Customize your weapon to continue your mission with your style!

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YAD.Com developed Helicopter Rescue.

Release Date

November 10, 2022


Good 3D graphics

Simple theme with fun gameplay

Increasingly difficult levels

Unlockable weapon skins

Available on mobile devices


You can use your mouse to play this game.