The best of the fidget games is here with Hearts Popping! You can’t get enough of the fidget games, and here is a new one for you to never stop playing! This one comes with a surprise, too! Are you ready to pop the hearts?

This game presents you with the simulation of the ultimate fidget toy. Pop-it toys are a phenomenon, and you need them online and available at any time, too. So, now get ready to have hours of fun with your new online fidget game. Besides, this game brings a new wave to the classic pop-it toys. Here, your aim is to collect points. When you start a level, you should only pop the bubbles on which you see a heart appearing. The faster you pop a bubble with a heart on, the more the points you will earn will be. On contrary, if you accidentally pop a bubble without a heart on, you will lose points. So, put enjoying the fidget game aside and see if you can earn points while completing all 16 levels!

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Lof Games developed Hearts Popping.

Release Date

February 08, 2022


• 2D colorful graphics

• Soothing game sounds and music

• Intuitive skills

• Pop-its coming to the online world!

• New feature for the pop-it toys


You can use your mouse to click on the bubbles to pop them.