Hamsters have a curious nature and Harry is not an exception. Harry the Hamster offers dozens of levels filled with intriguing puzzles to solve as you try to help the little hamster make his way back home. Watch out for the resident cat though! That feline’s hobbies include sleeping, world domination, and trying to catch hamsters named Harry! Not today, kitty! You mustn't let the cat get to Harry so construct a tube tunnel to get your friendly little rodent back to his house in safety. In Harry the Hamster, you will have to use your puzzle solving skills as you try to create a safe path past the obstacles in each level.

Your objective is to provide a safe passage for Harry from his cage to his house. When you start a level, you'll see Harry on one side of the screen. On the bottom right corner of the screen you'll see the timer. Drag and place the tube pieces and other tools into position with your mouse and create a safe passage to the other side of the level. The timer will start as soon as you enter the level, so be quick. If you want to play it dangerous, you can click the key icon on Harry's cage to release him early without fully completing the tunnel and earn a time bonus. You can try to finish the tunnels by using any pieces Harry didn't pass through. If he reaches an incomplete part of the tunnel, he'll fall right into the claws of the house cat! Try to avoid cat bowls, too. You wouldn't want to send such an obvious dinner invite to that lazy and goofy kitty!

Use various tube pieces, each with different functions. See to it that Harry can travel safely to his house without getting eaten. Play Harry the Hamster for some fuzzy fun. Hamsters are cute, but Harry is the cutest. If you enjoy helping game characters by solving puzzles for them, visit our other puzzle games to discover more entertaining titles!


Harry the hamster was created by CiTV


  • Different tools to create a tunnel
  • Funny animations
  • Easy controls
  • Harry!


Use your mouse to create a tube tunnel for Harry the Hamster.